Wednesday, 26 March 2014

As a coffee stain

Have you seen these recently? Okay, this isn't a recent phenomena, but I've noted a bit of an uptake of them recently. I'm talking about 'let's take characters of a TV show and imagine what they would look like as these other things.'

A good example is Doctor Who as Dogs. Now, these are well drawn, and well chosen, but the overall point will stand.

How about Disney Princesses as Apocalypse characters? Or as in Star Wars? Or as in Game of Thrones?

Or let's make bands out of Lego figures? Or Batman villains as Sharks?

This is all creative work, and they are doing better than I can draw, but that's not what's bothering me. It's how I know about them.

At the moment it seems that every time someone does of these things, it's deemed newsworthy enough to be reported on on various game related websites and such. Really? Do we need to know every time someone puts these out? Are you so desperate to fill up the news page that your job entails telling everyone must see this work.

These are the sort of items that are shared, but as 'hey have you seen this?' causal posts on forums. Not as headlines.

At least I know that when I do 'Doctor Who Monsters as Coffee Stains', it'll be well reported.


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