Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Explode Everything Man

Know what the movie is yet? How about if I say three shells?

From a realistic view of Los Angeles, we skip many years into the future in which everyone has forgotten how to be violent. Simon Phoenix is brought back to life by the most obvious bad guy ever, and so John Spartan is also resurrected. Hilarious fish-out-of-water moments happen between lots of explosions. Seriously, pretty much every main set that is introduced gets blown up, but then that is the point of the movie. Eventually, after enough explosions, Spartan brings ruin and decrepitude back to modern civilisation.

So the point of this is, as I said, the demolitioning. The effects were impressive at the time... but you can definitely tell they are from the 1990s. Nowadays there would be bigger explosions and lots of CGI everywhere. The plot is entirely inconsequential, and most of the humour of the story is directed at how stupid the future is presented.

Sylvester Stallone is rather comprehensible, and plays it up well. Wesley Snipes is trying for comedy bad guy... and goes for the ham, and doesn't succeed well. Sandra Bullock was in her 'I'm in everything and I'm cute' phase... yeah.

Decent action flick at the time, and only really stands up well if you are willing to put yourself back in the 1990s mindset.


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