Thursday, 13 March 2014

Esident Revil Apocalypse

And then, two years later, they threw out a sequel. I didn't follow that well when I first saw it... and have to say it doesn't fare much better on a rewatch.

After the zombies escape from the underground base, Raccoon City is cordoned off, and our heroes have to go on a fetch quest to get the daughter so they can get a lift out. This involves a lot of people being shot as the movie largely comprises of different shooting scenes that were strung together, but otherwise have no discernible connection. Milla Jovovich gets a lot of action scenes, and a lot of slow motion time, but still the movie remains unexciting, and the main "villain" (well, main monster) is so obviously just a guy in a bad mask you gotta wonder why they bothered. But, hey, Jill Valentine, remember her from the games? Well, she gets namechecked here as some random woman has that name, but otherwise could be anyone else in this movie. And the whole movie ends as limply as it begun.

Despite also being written by Paul W S Anderson (although with a different director), this doesn't feel connected to the first movie at all. Other than just being another excuse to have scenes of people fighting zombies or getting killed by Nemesis. That and a lot of running around fulls up this movies running time.

"Apocalypse" is right, as this could be any other post-apocalypse movie. (As the others will be.)


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