Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Esident Revil

Yeah, going back to a classic. For varying definitions of the term 'classic'.

An extremely attractive model wakes up in a house, which is immediately invaded by a wind machine and a team of tough military types. Which includes someone who looks like they might cry if someone says boo, and a token badass chick. Led by Colin Salmon, they go into a base and, after half the movie and half the cast is offed, they finally meet zombies. Despite everyone knowing why they were watching this movie, and not caring about the politics and backstory and such, it takes a long time to get around to what people were wanting. And then it's... quite dull really. Go here, fight zombies, go there, fight zombies, go here and infight a bit, then a train ride and failure to escape (complete with non-obligatory nipple and crotch shots of Milla Jovovich).

Yeah, not a lot of plot in this. Certainly not a lot of horror, especially when you know some of the behind the scenes information about how effects were done and dogs were zombified. And the CGI Licker is an obvious special effects and integrates into the film not well at all. Milla Jovovich is impressive in many ways, but Paul spent a bit too much time lingering on her naked body to be really comfortable.

This did rate high, probably more due to expectation and being different, and it is still better than the rest of the series (which I will be rewatching). Which, however, just says how bad the rest of the series gets.


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