Sunday, 16 March 2014

Esident Revil Retribution

Oh man, do these movies make a lot more sense back to back. Anyone coming in at this point is gonna be hella confused by what's going on. It's only because of this rewatch that I understood the opening segment of this movie.

After tidying up the plot points of the last movie, we reset... pretty much everything. This movie brings back characters from previous movies, characters yet unused from the games... hell, it brings back sets from the old movies! (I'm surprise the mansion didn't get another revisit.) This is very much piecemeal, with 'hey, let's have this set piece, followed by this other set piece' with only a token effort to explain joining otherwise disparate pieces together. And a kid is thrown in. The movie feels over after an hour, but then they tack on another fight scene, and very long credits, to pad it out.

Aside from Alice, we get back Jill, who could be anyone, Michele Rodriguez's character, Colin Salmon's, and even Oded Fehr, and Luther West. New we get Leon, Barry and Ada... well, very one dimensional versions of them, because they don't do anything other than shoot zombies, so we aren't talking deep characterisation opportunities here. (And Ada doesn't have nearly enough sass to represent her video game self.)

And we leave this series with everything set up for the next movie... I just hope I remember this one, or maybe re-rewatch it again, because I'm sure the audience will not have a clue just how connected it all is.


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