Monday, 17 March 2014

Silonce of the Lombs

Because of the TV series, I am sometimes drawn to watching the movies again, so let's go back to the first one. (When Anthony Hopkins looks rather more slim.)

Clarice faces off against Hannibal Lecter... oh and there's something about a serial killer kidnapping and killing women. But that sub plot is not why people watch this. What it comes down to is that Lecter can do no wrong... which probably makes him a Mary Sue of some kind, but he's a fun psychopath that we like to watch because he has a sense of honour, of a kind, by what we see on screen (he only kills guards... never mind the tourist he offs off screen). Anyway, Clarice does some stuff and saves the day and blah blah blah...

This time around... I didn't really feel the movie that was scary. Instead of the shots that emphasised the power of the characters, it felt like the camera was just giving too many close ups to the actors. The screen doesn't need to be that full of face. And maybe it was because I knew what was coming, various tricks didn't surprise me, and moments I looked out for instead of having them creep up on me. Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins and all are on fine form, and I can appreciate the acting, but... meh. Just didn't get me on a character level. And Ted Levine is a completely different portrayal now I'm used to him on Monk.

Still a decent movie, but one that didn't stand up to a rewatching.


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Jet Simian said...

So... what's it gonna be. Manhunter or Red Dragon.

Also, this is the movie me and my friend Jac went o see only to actually go into the wrong theatre and see a completely different movie about robot hitmen from the future and some computer-controlled plot to wipe out humanity. Yes, different movies, but we regretted nothing!