Monday, 10 March 2014

Huntering all them Relics

Well, it took me several months... possibly even years, but I finally watched all the episodes of Tomb Raider the TV series, aka Relic Hunter. (Although it also freely rips from Indiana Jones.)

Tia Carrere is Lara Croft Syndey Fox, a Relic Hunter who works for a university and every week finds herself off in some part of the world hunting down a relic that just conveniently is still around. And, just as conveniently, the traps surrounding it still works too. And bad guys just to happen to chose that moment to also make a play for it... yeah, you could say formulaic.

Also formulaic is that there is "romantic tension" between the two leads, Sydney Fox and upper class British twist Nigel Bailey. Although more Nigel occasionally lusting for Sydney. But that doesn't stop them having many episodes of 'lover of the week' turning up. Right in the middle of what every show was doing.

Tia Carrere looks to have been hired for the same reason as Angelina Jolie: a kick-ass actress that looks good. Christian Anholt is Nigel and... after looking at his credits, if I rewatch Curse of Fenric, he'll be someone to look out for. As the 'sexretary', we start with Linda Booth for season 1 and 2, and she's cropped up in other sci-fi shows. Tanja Reichert is there for season 3, with both of her obvious reasons for being cast, and also seems to have done stuff afterwards... There are various people that we now recognise as stars, but would see this as 'bit part I was glad to get to pay the rent', for example Ian McNeice and Omid Djalili.

Interestingly, for season 3, they decided to end on a cliff-hanger revelation, which they didn't do for 1 and 2... and yet, there was no season 4.

Considering how generic this feels, I can't say I'm surprised this isn't a huge hit...


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