Sunday, 23 March 2014


I got this movie in some bundle, can't remember which, took me a while to get around to watching it...

This is a Czech movie about Kooky, a toy that is thrown out and wants to return to his owner. (No, this is nothing like Toy Story). He enters the forest and encounters a range of creatures and gets involves in the political battle between the assigned guardian and wanna be guardian... and it's a fun romp! And also the kid (who owns the toy) is sick and what he is going through in no way influences what he thinks Kooky is going through, and this isn't just a dream of his.

And despite the child in danger aspects (which are minor), this is a fun action comedy, with a pink toy as the main lead in the typical 'sheriff challenged' trope. The Captain (whose name sounds like 'Goddammit') sounds like he is voiced by Donald Sutherland, but unless there's a non-disclosed English language cover, no it's not.

The film style is a mixture of puppets and live action animals, and I'm impressed they got the birds to 'act' so well (he says, probably about to find out they were all CGI). There's a lot of work on screen, and there's even a large mix up of forest, sandstone rocks, and snow.

Enjoyable, and definitely "kooky".


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