Saturday, 8 March 2014

None Stop

Just think of being an extra in this movie. With everything being set in one location on the plane (which is probably about ten different sets to do all the effects they want), you're going to be booked for the whole production run and be on screen all the time. Boo-yah!

On a plane, someone decides to screw with Liam Neeson and claim someone will die every twenty minutes... and rather happily the movie does manage to do that. I put it that way because some of the deaths are extremely convenient to happen on time. Even when they try to explain them, it still comes across as complete rubbish that that managed to happen that way. Anyway, during all this time Liam is trying to find out who is behind everything, but unfortunately doesn't turn out to be Julianne Moore... okay, that might be considered spoilers, but she is never the villain! Come on, how great would it be if she turned out to be the Big Bad behind it all! Come on Hollywood, make it happen! And the bad guy is revealed and, as you might expect, what's going on isn't as interesting as the set up...

So yeah, one location, a plane, so they can't blow it up over and over. The movie moves around enough that it doesn't feel too stuck in one place, and plenty of action, of course. Although I do need to complaint about one bit (spoilers) The old bullet in the window causes complete structural failure of the plane, with everything blown out...(/spoilers). Nope, doesn't happen. Bullshit.

Liam Neeson isn't really trying that hard, but still comes across well. Julianne Moore is playing the one character is ever plays. And.. there are other people in this, including Oscar award winner Lupita Nyong'o!

Not going to surprise anyone, a decent film, but hardly innovative.


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