Friday, 28 March 2014

Paranormal Clopping Hill

Pro-tip: If you have Clophill in your movie title, you better be an MLP cross over... this isn't an MLP cross over.

In Clophill there's a ruined church where satanic rites apparently took place. And, of course, a bunch of people decided to play paranormal investigators, and spend time up there. There are such scary things as someone seeing something white in the distance, and a cracking sound and bunnies...

And no plot here at all. This is like various useless moments (ie all of them) from a standard Ghost Hunters show, in which people wind themselves up and think they are experiencing something. Even when they zoom in on strange things on screen, I still can't work out what I'm supposed to be seeing!

But because this is a movie, there is something strange going on... in a very lame way. In which we are more told that something strange happened rather than actually seeing anything.

A paranormal movie that doesn't try to do anything original... or even interesting.


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