Saturday, 29 March 2014

Punishing Black Widows

This is probably as close as we'll get to the Punisher turning up in the Marvel Universe movies. An animated movie that looks dropped directly from a Japanese animation studio.

Frank is after people who put some guns on the street, and starts the movie with a whole lot of death (cartoon style, so not much actual blood). But SHIELD already has an operation underway to deal with it, and so he is forced to team up with Black Widow to trace them. And then they find a base filled with people being turned into organic soldiers (and no-one mentions Super Soldier Serum, although that would be an obvious thing to do), and maybe the base is blown up with the people in it? It's not clear. But then there are more soldiers and the Avengers turn up and Egghead is in here, although nothing like Egghead, and more people die. Just like a fun movie should be!

No-one was trying hard with this movie. Like the previous Stark movie, this is just something to fill time without any passion. The plot moves slow, despite the action, and co-incidences abound, and...sigh. Some effort was put into making Frank Castle look intimidating, but effort was also put in to put Natasha into an idealised version of hips and boobs in tight leather.

Just as DC have ceded live action superhero movies to Marvel, Marvel have ceded animated movies to DC.


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