Sunday, 30 March 2014

Robotic Crocodile

Yeah, it's terrible movie time. While it's not The Asylum, it's meeting their standards!

A space launch goes wrong, and the payload lands in a zoo. The payload bursts out, encounters a crocodile, and then converts it into a cyborg killer croc. Why? Nanomachines, son! So there are hijinks at the zoo, but they don't last long, because there aren't enough teenagers to kill there... so here's a water park in the middle of what looks like spring break, so woo hoo, teen killing time! What then follows is a chase about many different places and eventually into the sewer, but fortunately there's no problem explosives can't solve...

Yep, this movie is firmly in the 'dangerous predator' genre, doing nothing original, and certainly nothing of interest. The effects look like they were done by the same group that does The Asylum, ie the croc looks clearly CGI and badly composited into shots. There are a few moments where the croc might be real (especially when it's not moving), but otherwise we get animal shots that are largely filmed... 'actor adjacent', in which we conveniently don't get the animal and the actor on screen at the same time. Oddly, the zoo seems to be open air, in which you can randomly run into the not-enclosed area containing birds of prey.

Star power, we have Corin Nemec, who isn't breaking big time. And other people who are also in this.

Definitely deep in the schlock territory here, and just another drop in the bucket.


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