Thursday, 17 April 2014

Black Moon

It's time to announce an announcement... I've done it! Something I've been meaning to do for a while, it will get me out of the house on Monday nights, and I get to indulge in something I like... I've joined the Wellington Film Society.

Now, when you think 'film society', you'll probably think of the stereotypical artsy pretentious foreign movie that refers to artists no-one has heard of, and is completely impenetrable to a mainstream audience... and, to be fair, the first of the film society movies I saw could fit that...

Black Moon is about a young woman who ends up at a farm house and... it starts off odd, then gets weird, then surreal, then downright strange. I can't really tell you what happens, because I'm pretty sure I didn't get most of it. And you can watch it yourself if you want to.

Fortunately, most aren't like that, although there is a fair range of movies. And I can also get into some film festivals cheaper too. So this should be a positive experience... just with an odd beginning.


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