Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Reign of Winter

In the forest of amazement... in that it's ment to be a maze. Like other things I've heard of, basically treating it like a dungeon with exits and corridors to rooms and such. Anyways, we carry on and head up the left hand path.

And come across a nice wee house in the middle of the forest with men drinking and very nice women giving them drink. We sit down, have a drink, and everything is fine. It's nice. No need to get up and go on, just sit and have a drink...

(Liddick, who hasn't partaken of this, finally draws one of the woman away and kills her as she turns feral on him. Or maybe it was five of them. Or ten... or twenty with minions? I cannot recall the final details. People weep over the ending of a whole race of fey at the hands of one rogue...)

Racing back to us, he slaps some of us awake and then the fight is on... although I'm pretty chill for a while. Finally, Mage wakes me up and I end the battle. 'Cos I'm good like that. [And we are now level 6!]

Moving on, we come to what could be the sister of the guy on the boulder, only she's in a tree. And she can fly. Damn her. She blinds me with her beauty, but fortunately it doesn't last long; [F- blindness!] However, I have to leave it to the range shooters to take her out. (Yeah, I have a crossbow.. but I also have an axe!)

We have to backtrack a bit now, and then take the right hand path. We find another house, and in this one is a commanding woman who demands us to escort her out. We say no. She turns into a wolf and attacks us. I got plenty of HP and anger to burn so chop chop, enough of her.

But this looks a good place to rest for a while, so we do that!


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