Monday, 7 April 2014

Captain American

Slipping back a little more to 1990, we get what most people remember as the Cap movie.

Steve Rogers has a limp, but super serum makes him a man! He fights the Red Skull, gets strapped to a rocket, and ends up buried in Alaska... (yeah, the whole First Avenger film gets covered in half an hour here). Thawing in the 1990s, he finds the Red Skull is still around and he's kidnapped the President... who doesn't seem to have a family and plenty of time to lounge around the White House. Together, Cap, President, and the daughter of his girlfriend, combine forces to take on the Red Skull once and for all.

Okay, a few things here. Certainly more impressive female protagonists than even most movies these days. Two, it's odd the see Ronnie Cox playing the good guy, and he's every bit the action hero Steve Rogers is. And Steve Rogers spends a lot of time as Steve and less than half the movie as Captain America. And he adapts to modern day America without any problems at all.

In all, this movie is very earnest as a Captain America movie. In many ways, it's just as much a political movie as Winter Soldier, but gets on with telling the story in half the time. Not that I'm saying this is a better movie than the recent versions... but it does get on with the story without needing an explosion every five minutes.

For a long time, this was the movie we had... and it wasn't that bad.



Jet Simian said...

Don't know if I've got much on this one.... this isn't the one where Cap's helmet is actually a bike helmet, is it?

[checks YouTube} - whups, not that one, that's the 1979 version. Looks like you have TWO previous versions to catch up on!

heh heh heh...

Jamas Enright said...

No, I'm fine with not catching up with every film...