Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Let's go back one more time, this time to 1984. Why not tap into a good franchise and make a spin off movie people will remember as 'wha? oh yeah, they did do that, didn't they?'

In Inner Space a city's barrier, the only protection against the vast powers of the outside, is pierce like the clingwrap it is as a Power Orb goes flying through it. Kara takes off in pursuit to get it back, and ends up on Earth, with more powers than even her cousin, like x-ray plus heat vision, super hearing, and the ability to change her appearance as she walks behind a tree, and fly around like she's dangling from wires. However, a mad woman has gotten hold of the Power Orb and uses it to further her plans for world domination... and getting a hunky young lad to fall in love with her. She and Kara / Linda Lee butt heads for a while... and then it gets really ridiculous.

Just why did Faye Dunaway, Peter Cook and Peter O'Toole agree to be in this? While their star power is enough for them to be able to survive any flop, this didn't set of any alarms? I'm surprised anyone could say the lines they got through, let alone with a straight face. And certainly some of the stunts they end up doing can't have been comfortable. Still, anything for "art".

Given it was 1984, the effects were impressive at the time, although obviously dated now. They did try, but the worse part has to be that this movie is two hours long. It seriously doesn't need to be, and could easily have half an hour chopped, especially the Ethan subplot.

Well, they tried, but it just wasn't up to their other efforts.



Unknown said...

I remember hiring this in 1985 (possibly no cinema release here) expecting Super-antics in a skirt, which I certainly got, but not in a good way.
I was hoping for 'more of the same' in the style of the first two Superman films, but from the embarrassing fast-motion typewriting scene onwards I realised they were aiming for a different market.
And all these years later I still have no idea what that actually was. But Helen Slater - respect: it wasn't your fault.

Jet Simian said...

Still haven't seen this, so I'm glad you got it covered!

I see Man of Steel may (MAY) suggest that there's a chance for Supergirl, heck, maybe Power Girl or even Krypto to have made the journey to Earth and escaped the Kryptonian refugee ship. Aquaman be darned, I think this could be the more difficult adaptation to make, but I look forward to seeing them try, really.

Jamas Enright said...

If I remember correctly, Power Girl is Supergirl from Earth-A, so I doubt they want to go there... on the other hand, they probably do want her boob cleavage...