Thursday, 3 April 2014

Let's Kill Stephen King

Although, according to this movie, you can't.

A group of young adults go hunting for Stephen King's place and end up in quiet town, nowhere, and then mysteriously start getting killed off one by one. With lots of references to King's works.

Because it's a comedy! Get it! It's like the horror that King writes about! Although, to be honest, King is a lot better than the writers of this movie. Aside from the King context, this is just another generic slasher movie, and with the King context, it's still a bad slasher movie. The comedy isn't funny, and the horror isn't scary.

And starring in this movie is... people I have never heard of! With three people needing to write this. The same three people that directed this, because if there's one mark of true quality, it's having three directors leading production.

But it's not all bad. There was that moment when... I got nothing.

Even if you are a King fan, skip this movie. And certainly there's no reason to watch this if you aren't a fan.


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