Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Reign of Winter

With the dragon out of the way, the forces of the city descend on each other, giving us free rein to get into the forested area where the hut was. Free, that is, with the small problem of some ice trolls in the way. I tried to talk my way around them, but that didn't work, so I axed my way through them, all of us getting rid of them in some way or another.

In the forest, it was like a maze, with canopies nearly blocking the sky, and impenetrable woods around us, leaving only a path for us to follow. Trying to go as northerly as possible, we eventually came across a clearing in which we could see our goal... behind a portal that was sucking in reality around it. Being unable to do anything about that, we went on and found a perfectly normal situation of rocks floating in the air.

There was one centre pillar, on which some fey creature was talking of taking our reality and the hut. That we couldn't stand, and so we set about... slowly moving across the terrain to attack him. I finally managed to scale the rock [really stupid rolls] and finish him off with one blow from my mighty axe! It ended the floating rocks, but the portal was untouched.

Moving further on, some shadow creatures attacked out party, taking on the shadows of Hogan and Mage. They flew swiftly, with focused attacks, but me and my comrades were able to strike them down.

With magical energies running low, we set to rest for a while, before heading further into this forest...


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