Sunday, 13 April 2014

Mirror Mysteries

A current phenomena on Steam at the moment seems to be publishers dumping their catalogues of games, and flooding the 'New Releases' entries... one such publisher is Gogii game, and one such game was Mirror Mysteries, a Hidden Object game... I like hidden objects, so gave in and now played it!

The set up is: while resting near a house, the two kids get trapped by an evil mirror, after they go around smashing other mirrors (you know, at that point, I'm with the mirror on this). The mom, aka the player, has to enter the mirror worlds and solve the various problems the inhabitants have... which, by and large, involve finding hidden objects and placing them in various rooms. The main point is to get the mirror pieces back, and, strangely enough, the people in each world have them and are happy to hand them over... just as long as you do a few things first... And she's willing to go along with that! Just as well she's so mild mannered! (Indeed, even when talking to the mirror, she's more reading her lines than actually having an emotional reaction to her kids being held hostage!)

The hidden object part is largely straight forward. And after finding pieces, the items form one larger piece that fits into the scenes. For example, you might find parts of a wheel which then fit together to be a gear in a clock. There are also a few puzzles, but they aren't that hard (although I will now immediately complain about one in which there were 216 combinations, and no way I can see to solve it outside brute force! I thought I found a neat answer, but nope, not it! The only puzzle I had to skip...).

The game itself is only a few hours long, and at under $5, I had fun. Not sure I'll try the sequel or other Gogii games, but we'll see.


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