Thursday, 10 April 2014

Soon Death of Craptain America

Why make one, when you can make a sequel to continue the awfulness? Yes, there is another motorcycle helmet movie.

After dealing with a hardened gang of criminals... that mug pensioners... Steve must track down the source of a drug that causes rapid aging. After a fight at an empty box warehouse, he heads to a Local Town for Local People... and the plot stays there, with him poking around, for far too long... and then suddenly he works out how to find out where the bad guys are, and huzzah! Simon helps to save the day again!

At least with no origin story to get in the way, we can get straight to the awesomeness of Captain America... as Steve wanders about the town. Oooh, exciting! Still, there are exciting stunts as the motorbike comes with a deployable hang-glider! And that chase goes on too long and boringly as well.

There are few more notable names here. We have Connie "Greatest American Hero" Selleca, Stanley "Monk" Kamel, and playing the bad guy Miguel we have... Christopher "What is he doing in this?" Lee! Seriously, he should be getting better roles than this. Especially with that embarrassing fight at the end.

I don't know if they planned to franchise this, but I'm not surprise there was no third movie... indeed, I was surprised there was a second, let alone a first!

You know, after this, I deserve to enjoy a Superman movie...



Unknown said...

It's funny reading this after having just seen the superb Winter Soldier last night, which is everything that the film you've just reviewed sounds as if it isn't.
Seeing Marvel placing an essentially silly character into an exquisitely-crafted taut and exciting thriller and making you care about him is a joy to behold.
Interesting to hear that Christopher Lee has even appeared in the Marvel universe, though!

Jamas Enright said...

You'll have to review this along with the other Christopher Lee movies Al. ;)