Monday, 14 April 2014

Zed Ziding Zzzd

Not so much a fairy tale as a soap opera teen love triangle drama angst rubbish. And boring as hell.

In medieval fantasy town, a young woman is caught up between the poor woodcutter and the rich... actually I have no idea what the other guy was doing, I couldn't pay that much attention. Anyway, there's also a wolf, but it can be human, so who is it? The wolf hunter comes to town, but is a big jackass and doesn't really get anything useful done. And the woman's grandmother is all kinds of creepy. And then the wolf is revealed and everyone lives happily ever after.

Ye gods this is just... what the hell? Was there any point to any of it? I don't care about the teen drama, the wolf is boring, and even skipping through this movie it still felt too long. Even Gary Oldman is just cruising through this, and not giving a damn. And the teens... well, I say teens, they are all in their twenties, are just there because they are pretty. Yeah, whatever.

I only watched this because I had it at hand... whelp, not going to think about that any more...


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