Sunday, 11 May 2014

Die Colour, Die!

A short while ago, and for a short while, Die Farbe was available on youtube... and this is my late review of it. It is based on the H P Lovecraft tale "The Color Out of Space", which I haven't read, so don't know how faithful this is.

In an old German village a meteorite falls but disappears over time. And then crops and the land around where it landed starts becoming strange, and the family that lives nearby gets sick and goes crazy... and that's about the bulk of the story. This could easily be a natural tale about some weird poisoning, or radiation effect, but no, not for Lovecraft. There's a supernatural element in that what came down in the meteorite was The Colour, and that's what infected everything, and that's what leaves at the end (in a sequence that reminded me of Encounter at Farpoint). And there's an over-arching narrative that doesn't quite make sense.

It's a decent production, considering it's mainly just people in rooms talking. It's all done in black and white, so that the Colour can be visually distinct (albeit a colour we are already familiar with, not a new one from out of space). The Colour is also obvious CG, but what can you do?

Good, although slow paced, story.


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