Saturday, 10 May 2014

Son of a B-man

Because everyone loves Damien, why not make an animated movie featuring him?

One of the more boring villains is Ra's Al Ghul... who has a daughter Talia... who had sex with Batman to produce Damien. We start with the League of Assassins (who get killed a lot), then Damien is dumped with Batman, and we then get a heart warming tale of father and son. Or father giving the son a sense of humanity... and a Robin costume, because what you want is a young boy in bright red spandex to be a target. Will Damien turn around enough to not kill everyone he meets? Oh boy, can't wait to find out!

This is pretty much Damien's origin story... and it's about as boring as you'd expect. Do people like Damien? I'm not sure as I don't follow the comics and the fans even less so, but it struck me as just another gimmick to pad out the Talia storyline which never interested me in the first place. (And if you can't tell she's the sexy ninja woman, she spends most of her time on screen in a cleavage revealing tight suit.) Damien presents as an obnoxious brat, and doesn't really grow out of that over the time of the movie, so don't get too hung up on character growth for the main character.

The voice performances are decent, although the art style reminded me a little of Aeon Flux with oddly elongated character models. Typical DC fare here.

Which is the overall message. Another DC animated movie, although the topic doesn't appeal to me, it's adequate watching.


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