Saturday, 31 May 2014

Doc Edge 2014

So, easy post time, in which I talk about what movies I'm interested in in the upcoming Documentary Edge film festival for 2014. Although this time around, for some reason, there was only five that got my attention. There are still films from earlier fests I haven't seen, but for now I'm just going with five.

God Loves Uganda
Gringo Trails
A Brony Tale
One Minute for Conductors
Kids For Cash

Annoyingly, it's out at the Roxy, which is in Mirimar... so, like, the ass-end of Wellington, as far as transport and such goes. And the movies I want are mostly in the evening. Yeah, I want to be travelling out there in the dark of night. Still, it is only five, so tempting...

And, because I'm a member of the Wellington Film Society, I save a couple of bucks on the tickets!


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