Friday, 30 May 2014

Dr Strangeness

Catching up with some bad tv movies, we have this exciting adventure of the Sorcerer Supreme...

I wouldn't say this movie is slow, but nothing happens... and nothing more happens... and then even more nothing happens... this is a slow game of cat and mouse, and you could leave, go get a cup of tea, read a book, catch a movie... and still be back for no plot progression at all!

Nominally, an evil presence is going to get some revenge on a master magician, so sends Morgan, who gets a young woman to push the old man off a bridge. He's all right, but the woman, Clea, is a bit of a wreck, and ends up at Strange's hospital... and we're halfway through the movie already... then the second half the movie is all about how hot Strange is. Seriously, Clea falls for him, then Morgan does, and the ending is all about how she's got the hots for him and will he give up on the old man and be forever with her? Will he ever!

Throughout the movie I kept thinking one thing "this isn't very good". It wasn't that it was terrible... it certainly wasn't good, but it didn't dive into the horror of complete awfulness. No, it just isn't very good, and that's as good as it gets. Peter Hooten is just bland as Strange, and Anne-Marie Martin is on screen as Clea. Even Clyde Kusatsu doesn't get much to do with Asian Stereotype #3. And the effects are certainly nothing to be proud of.

I'm guessing, from the ending, this was intended to be a pilot? Or at least get a sequel? Can't say I'm surprised nothing came of it...


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