Sunday, 18 May 2014

Mahete Killith

I don't recall the first Machete particularly fondly, but this one...

Machete is called in to go into Mexico and stop a dictator with a missile aimed at the US. However, because the dictator is randomly crazy, he's got the bomb wired to his heart, so Machete needs to bring him into the US to get it defused... and then the second half of the movie kicks off and it gets weird. And somewhat cartoony.

This was a lot of fun. Moreso than what I recall of the first, but this was silly, but a good silly. The humour is more weird than anything else, but when Lady Gaga turns up, you're pretty much along for the ride at that point anyway. Even the second half, with crazy Mel Gibson (yes I know, one of those words is redundant), spins off in new direction with its oddness. It starts to get more classic style 'big show down between forces', but even then it goes its own way.

Danny Trejo is fun to watch, and there are a lot of amusing cameos, but we aren't talking Emmy award acting here. This is more rawer Robert Rodriguez rough shooting, with 'good enough' takes (which are pretty good). The gun effects are simply added on afterwards sparks which doesn't read well, but the rest of the effects are good.

Fun movie, and a good watch.


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