Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Rembe 2 Blud

I threatened I was watching this series, so next up is the Part 2.

Even more than the first movie, this is a movie of two halves. In the first, Rambo is sent in to shoot prisoners of war... on camera. Bringing one back with him, he gets betrayed by Amurica, and then is captured by the Vietnamese. Then in the second half, he gets free because of the love of a good woman (so of course she dies as soon as he promises to save her), then he spends the rest of the running time cutting down mooks left right and centre without any problems what so ever...

There's a last scene speech that tries to give this context about abandoned POWs, but it really is more just an action movie than previous. There's Rambo, the good man trapped behind enemy lines... and that's about it. Revenge flick away! Stallone should try a full action movie where he doesn't say anything, it would be fantastic. And the main enemy, as such, is played by Charles Napier, whose character has one whole dimension to play in.

More guns, but eh... less interest.


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