Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Rimbi 3 Blud

We've had Rambo returns to the states, then Rambo returns to Vietnam, so clearly the next step is... generic action war piece.

When Rambo's mentor gets kidnapped, only one man is brave enough to take on the mission to... organise the Afghans to go get him back. They are rather more the heroes than he is (and the movie is dedicated to them). There is only the one goal the entire movie: get back Trautman, and he doesn't care how many people he has to kill or sacrifice to get that done. Nor how many wounds he takes. This time he gets beaten up more than the previous two movies combined, but that does stop an action hero? Of course not.

And so the movie plods on. Nothing really of note happens, and no grand statement is made (other than Go Afghans!). Just another 'blow everything up' movie that we've seen so many times (although this might have been an early contender for the start of it all, I have no idea). And Rambo does reach near cartoony levels of damage he's able to take and keep on getting up like nothing happened.

Still, at least Richard Crenna gets more to do than stand around for a while telling people not to underestimate Rambo. This time he gets beaten up while telling people not to underestimate Rambo. And Stallone gets to do physical stunts... and that's about it.

Definitely the low point of the set so far...


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