Thursday, 22 May 2014

Rombo 4 Blud

What's a mere 20 years in a franchise? Certainly nothing to this film, although Stallone is definitely looking older.

In Burma a group of Christian Missionaries want to take hope and peace to the natives, and they convince Rambo to give them a ride up the river. Then they are captured by the local military bad guys, and... mercenaries are sent in. With Rambo going along for the ride. And then the rest of the movie is killing to free the Christians... so much killing... although the script doesn't have them say anything about that (that said, they definitely look upset over what happens... at least, those who survive do...).

Deliberately set in the Burma civil war, this shows off the horror of what goes on... although it then slips into fantasy as a small group of people get revenge on a large numbers of people with mass killings. It's pretty brutal, which is fitting, and parts of it are nearly realistic... but then the big guns get pulled out and pop shots away!

Stallone directs this, so gives a fair few moments to others, although he still gets plenty of hero shots. Julie Benz is the token female, making this the Rambo movie with the most female presence ever! And other caricatures are in this as well.

It makes a point about Burma, but still remains an action flick... (and that is meant negatively).


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