Monday, 5 May 2014


I keep hearing people say good things about this, but I'm too jaded and cynical, so of course I wasn't going to get excited over it.

At this point, I usually give some form of plot recap, but when I was watching this so many logic problems were ringing through my brain. Why did Gothel tell Rapunzel about... well, anything! Why teach her English? Why teach her about the outside world? Why tell her when her own damn birthday was? Frankly, that's just begging from trouble from the lanterns. Did Gothel disappear suddenly before Rapunzel before Rapunzel was able to lower her down on her hair, because Rapunzel never knew about the passage down? How was her hair able to stay so manageable? (Magic!) And exactly what length was it anyway, because that changed from scene to scene as well. And why did no-one recognise Flynn in town? Was his nose that out of it? AND WHY WAS THE HORSE ANIMATED AS A DOG??? If you wanted a dog, put a damn dog in there!

As I said, this was during the movie, so it's not like I'm thinking back on it now and coming up with stuff. There's fridge moments, and then there's being distracted from the movie before your eyes.

Otherwise it seems fine, but can I move on now?


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