Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Heavy Duty, Man

I got me the Danger Mouse 25th Anniversary set, which has every DM cartoon evah! Including many I haven't seen. Including... Heavy Duty.

This is a weird story. I first thought about writing about it because it has land sharks that can swim through concrete! Take that SyFy! They can do this because a mad scientist created a formula to make the sharks extra dense and thus be able to swim through normal matter... which makes more sense than what SyFy comes up with.

But... this is a long episode (22 minutes), with distinctly odd character beats, and more padding that usual and... most unforgiveably... long stretches of unfunny segments. I can see they are trying, but it just doesn't work. Strange because most scripts are eye-rollingly bad, not just straight bad.

This video may or may not work for you... but you can look up "Danger Mouse Heavy Duty" for yourself to watch and see.


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