Monday, 23 June 2014

13 9h0s72

Ha, told you I would watch this.

The plot is even weaker in the original! Crazy uncle dies and leaves house to family, which move in... and there are ghosts. No reason for them, other than there they are. There is a plot about trying to find the hidden money, but that has little to do with the ghosts. Instead, we get random sequences when suddenly THERE ARE GHOSTS! And the effects for the ghosts... clearly they were dubbed on afterwards, which is a shame. Pepper's Ghost would have been more authentic, and given the actors something to play to. The kids just stands there open mouthed looking vaguely in the direction the effect would be placed afterwards, without in any way reacting to it.

Clearly the effects would never have been much cop compared with modern day, but I am disappointed by the lack of a proper story. Other than giving the audience something to see, and making the movie able to provide shocks, there are no reason why 13 ghosts in particular are needed. Indeed, the effects are so poor it can be hard making out what exactly we are supposed to be seeing to be scared by. (They are just far too transparent.) Even House on Haunted Hill (by the same director) had a better plot line, if even a worse explanation for the ghost.

Could do better.


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