Sunday, 22 June 2014

Thirieen Goasts

Yeah, that form of leet speek doesn't work, but they tried. This is a remake, and I now have the original to watch some time, so look out for that. I remember seeing this at, I think, Hoyts (back when we had a Hoyts), with a friend, and that ending... we'll get to it.

Uncle Badguy gets ghosts, but dies when getting the twelfth. Whoops! Nice guy with kids and tragic backstory inherit a big glass house, but it's actually a trap because LOOK AT THE GHOST MAKE UP! And then they run around glass corridors that all look the same LOOK AT THE GHOST MAKE UP! Finally, there's a dramatic moment at which LOOK AT THE GHOST MAKE UP! And that's what happens.

Really, this whole thing is centred around LOOK AT THE GHOST MAKE UP!, with only really a superficial plot around to establish why we LOOK AT THE GHOST MAKE UP! The house does look nice, but is very confusing, and the reason for the ghosts plotline is very lame, but who cares when you LOOK AT THE GHOST MAKE UP! And the ending is just lame. Rah Digga raps and then the good guys win, hooray! And there's a leap that should not work, but does because Happy Movies! (Not to mention that all the ghosts are now free to go out and continue killing, so thanks for that.)

Everyone is largely playing one-note characters, even Tony Shalhoub and F. Murray Abraham. Matthew Lillard is very annoying, so playing to type there. And look, there's Shannon Elizabeth back when she momentarily had a career.

So, not brilliant LOOK AT THE GHOST MAKE UP!


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