Thursday, 5 June 2014

Among the Slee

So close... I want to play Among the Sleep, I really do. And I did. Almost.

Among the Sheep (as I keep referring to it) is a game where you play a two year old kid... yep, that game you've heard about. And, of course as it's about a kid, it's a horror game. Something happens in the middle of the night, and your mommy goes missing, so it's up to you and your new teddy bear to find a way to connect with her that involves going through surreal versions of landscapes based on a children's playground and your own house... and there's a dark figure who's looking for you.

There are four memories to collect, and I have all four, I get to the end of the level where I get the fourth... and then it crashes! Crap! I've talked to the devs, and there's nothing that can be done. Bollocks. I watch a few Let's Plays, and they are featuring this, so do I give in and watch the end (which is like ten minutes away) or hold out for an uncertain future of me being able to play this game in the none too distant future...

It is quite good. It is creepy and unsettling, just like horror should be. I don't play many games, and not many horror games (which often only get one shot to scare you and a second time round the scares don't work because you know they are coming), and this one appeals. And I helped to Kickstart it.

I want to finish it first... but, on the other hand, can I ever?


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