Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Reign of Winter

We need to visit three birds and get three clues or some such. With one door down, we move on to the second door, that of night.

Inside is dark, and another bird awaits to tell us it will give us help if we would but undertake a test. In the chamber beyond, we find five silver chalices, one of which is the answer to the riddle. Hogan spends time checking for poison, and finds only one is safe to drink. And, as it happens, it fits the answer to the riddle. I quaff the drink, and a way opens up to get the item, stored in a cage. Not even my strength can break it, but the thief can open the lock to gain us the prize. It is the right answer [which I am not giving away], and we are rewarded with another clue an another amulet, that which will restore health. It is given to me, and no doubt will involve a curse...

In the third room is dawn, and a garden hosts another bird with yet another test. We are to go to the chamber beyond and find the desire of the creature within. Expecting trouble, I psych myself up for a battle, and when I see what looks to be a witch before me, I strike! [Yeah, that was the wise move...] While I am in pitched battle, the others try to calm me down [and I pass all the saving throws against the spells my own friends cast on me!] while also trying to get information out of the witch creature before us. However, I am eventually felled by its touch, and only the amulet saves me from certain death. With me out, they are able to get information to solve the last riddle, and drag me from the room.

With the clues obtained, we find another door, leading to the main room of the hut and with that we find a guard. He will not let people enter, but since we are already in, we can leave. Getting back in could be problematic... But we are in a new land, and have to get to some nearby (80 miles away) statues, so we prepare and set off...


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