Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Edginess of Tom Orrow

It's an all out action flick. With Tom Cruise. And either a small Emily Blunt, or good use of special effects...

I could do a cute gimmick where I continually restart the post. Or simply link to my Groundhog Day post. Or just say "Watch this LRR take on restarting the day", but let's get past that, okay?

Cage (not Nicholas :( ) is a smart ass and sent to the front lines where by an accident of the plot is reliving the days. And so starts an ever on-going montage sequence of restarting the days, learning how things play out, and getting slowly better, as seen in every repeating day story ever. Eventually the plot moves on and the hero (such as the label applies to Cage) is about to be a hero. Yay!

This is, despite the snarky summary, a decent action movie... but it isn't much more. There is heaps of action, very mild romance (but very minimal), and lots more action and some humourous moments of Cage continually dying. So, as an action flick, that's fine, but these days I want something more. They try to have a point with Farell giving a mini-speech about creating your own fate, but it's too heavily handed delivered to really be effective.

Tom Cruise is fine, and Emily Blunt looks like they were trying for sexy dirty and didn't get further with her. Bill Paxton is barely recognisable with a disguising moustache, and it wasn't until I could check IMDB that I knew where I recognised Noah Taylor from (Tomb Raider). The suits they wear are believably practical, and the aliens... look like a CGI mess to be honest. The weakest effect in the whole film. They reminded me of the squid probe things from Matrix, only worse.

If you want action, this is one to watch. But don't be looking for a deeper experience.


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