Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Hulk has made the transition to screen more often than most super heroes, and in 2003 Ang Lee took a chance at making the big time... and it was then retconned a bit when Marvel started up their own movies. But hey, we gotta start somewhere so 2003 it is.

So due to his father messing around with his genes, young Peter has... no wait, wrong movie. No, it's Bruce who has activated genes, and when going through an origin that isn't from the comics or tv show, we get big Hulk fight as he fights, in order, a laboratory, dogs, tanks, and CGI nondescript father figure. In between, Bruce whines about not remembering his childhood, and his dad is a complete jackass, and the final set up has the army put Bruce and dad together to... I'm not sure why, to be honest, other than because the movie demands it. It's all rather boring...

Yep, it's boring. Bruce the man isn't interesting to watch, and Eric Bana gets to be either bland or pseudo-angry. Jennifer Connelly isn't giving much better, and I think Nick Nolte just wandered in off the street and in front of the cameras? Even Sam Elliot can't do much with his part. And the CGI effects are obvious CGI effects, and mostly in the dark so you can't tell what's going on.

I will give that Ang Lee's editorial hand does give the movie a comic book feel, with the inserts and unusual cuts. It's a shame that other movies don't do more with that.

Overall, not a great movie. Tolerable, but not enduring.


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