Friday, 13 June 2014

Midaswell Curse this Box

What do you do when you have the talents of Sam Neill, Michael Sheen, Keeley Hawes and even Ioan Gruffudd? You stick them in a movie and then shoot unknown kids as the leads!

'Tis London, in the time of the Great Detective... who is nowhere near this terrible flick. Random Bad Guy is looking for the Midas Box and kidnaps the parents of the kid hero for reasons I can't remember, but the parents had the key to the box which they gave to the kids, one of whom gets nabbed, so we are off to search for the brother! Who is over in this hotel we immediately get to, so then the plot wanders around for a bit, being extremely obvious, until the end when stupid things happen, and this is stupid on a scale where were normal stupid looks at it and goes 'that's stupid!'

Michael Sheen adopts a number of disguises... only they are all really obvious and did the lead really not notice it was him! He couldn't have been more transparent if he was without any makeup at all! And Sam Neill clearly has no interest in this role he's playing. Aneurin Barnard is the lead, and if you've heard of him, you've seen more things than I have.

This movie is just simply sub-par, for whatever par rating you want. And yet it's set up for a sequel (which, fortunately, hasn't gotten out of "in development").


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