Wednesday, 18 June 2014

One Minute for Conductors

And, due to scheduling, there was only one other movie I saw (and getting the bus afterwards was a pain): One Minute for Conductors.

This is a competition in which conductors from all over the world come to this one place to aim for a first prize of being hired as an ongoing conductor (...with some place I can't recall). We start with 136 conductors on the first day... dropping down to 17 on the second day. And just five by the last day. As with any competition, it's not easy going, and even those who are good get cut. We see the competition itself, but don't go back into their histories (which shows the film makers just turned up for the competition itself), and we see that stress comes to all peoples. And I bet you won't guess the outcome...

This does look to be an easier way to film a documentary. Find an event that is only lasting a few days, and then record the hells out of it. Nice tight production time table. In this case they also need a team of translators, but hey, still just for a few days. I'm surprised there aren't more like this.

Anyway, a look into the otherwise overlooked area of being a conductor, so interesting from that perspective.


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