Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Reign of Winter

We are now in the land of I(mumblemumble) and we need to get to the stones at Arstotska (I'm not very good with names). However, when I step out, that's when the waiting creatures attack. With a cry of "Frost Giants!" I'm in there....

And very nearly kill one. And very nearly get killed. And if it was just the one, I'm sure it would have been fine, but there were many of them. Fortunately, the hut itself decided to take an active role in smacking all kinds of hells out of them, although I did dispatch one of them myself (it was severely beaten up, but we all know only the last blow counts). Afterwards, we spent a cold night on the porch (we aren't allowed back inside), then set off.

Not long after setting off, we are surrounded again. This time by centaurs. They take us to their camp, and Felgard tells them our story (or so he says). They seem to be willing to take us in, and we spend the night drinking and getting drunk.

Okay, so during the night some demons attacked and Mage nearly died, but it wasn't their fault. Yeah, I had to kill a few of them, but that's just one of those things. Still, we have some time here now to get better armour and such [and level up!], before we head on to the rocks.


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