Thursday, 26 June 2014

Slawk the Hayer

I know of this mostly because of Spaced, and while I wouldn't necessarily say I would agree with that impression, my main opinion of this movie is it is excessively generic. Also check out what Peter thinks of this!

Overacting Bad Guy goes around being a bad guy, so a hero must be called. With the aid of a Deus Ex Sorceress, the hero gathers together a band of Dungeons and Dragons stereotypes, and together they go up against the army of the bad guy. And, because of the magic woman, they have a far easier time of it than you'd think, although there is a load of death in this. Seriously, a huge death count, most of the people you meet will die. But fortunately the good guys win with only a small window open for a sequel... which fortunately doesn't seem to have happened...

Jack Palace is all over this movie, and overacts in every scene he's in, until you just want to punch him out. The other lead is John Terry, who is aggressively a plank of wood in every scene he is in. No emotion what so ever. Bernard Bresslaw is also in this, looking a little different than last I saw him in Doctor Who. Cameos include Patricia Quinn, Roy Kinnear and Christopher Benjamin. And lots of others, but they didn't mean as much to me.

This is very 1980's fantasy movie, and it doesn't get more exciting as this... which says a lot for movies at the time. (Must rewatch Krull some time...)


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