Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Trail of the Incroyable Hulk

Hmm... what to watch, what to watch... hey, I've got this TV movie ready to go, so let's indulge in the glory of Lou Ferrigno.

In New York, David Banner goes on a subway and encounters two crooks harassing a woman, so gets thrown about, Hulks out, and throws them about. But when David is later grabbed, he's thrown in jail as the harasser, but fortunately Matt Murdock is around! The two of them start interfering in the schemes of Wilson Fisk. Yes, this is a Marvel movie cross over before than had Marvel movie cross-overs!

And big names too. As well as Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, we have John Rhys Davies as Fisk. And Rex Smith as Matt Murdock... who? you might ask. Street Hawk of course! And, hey, an early cameo by one Stan Lee!

This is quite enjoyable, although somewhat misnamed as the Hulk is never actually on trial (spoilers!). And now I want to see Hulk vs Thor (so that'll be the follow up movie on the list then...).

Is this a better movie than Daredevil? Let's just say it's a shame Rex Smith was too old in 2003...


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Jo Hammers said...

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