Sunday, 8 June 2014

God Loves Uganda

With more erratic bus schedules than I thought, and last night screens, I don't expect to get to even the five movies I picked... but I have seen God Loves Uganda.

Religion is poisoning Uganda. And that's not me saying that, that's religious people! Okay, since they are religious, it's not religion per se, it's extreme Christian Right exported from America that's the actual problem. Usually in the form of bringing hate against LGBT peoples. In this movie we see the International House of Prayer (so yes, they have that acronym) with a missionary group of young people in Uganda, who only have to preach what they've been told. And efforts of Africans to uphold those "moral values". And a few other people who are a voice of reason, if a rather ignored voice, if not a killed voice.

This movie lets people speak for themselves, with the missionary team just presented as is. Commentary of a general nature is provided by a few talking heads, but largely actions are speaking for words. It paints a rather bleak picture of what's happening in Uganda... but then it is rather bleak what is happening in Uganda.

A movie with good coverage, but, with my biases, I can't help but feel they are missing the point...


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