Friday, 20 June 2014

What They Did in Shadows

Ah, Taika, never change. I can't stand vampires... but I like this!

Three vampires are flatting together, and, as ever happens, they squabble like flatmates do, eat people and convert others into vampires. It's one of those things. So, we follow them around as they go about their lives as they go out at night, and meet other creatures, and, eventually, go to the Unholy Masquerade. It's slice of life but...

It's funny! Like, really funny. The people I was near in the theatre were laughing all the time... (yes, almost annoyingly so). But it is good. It doesn't subvert expectations so much, but the movie does play with them, and uses them for fun. Taika Waititi is, of course, great, as is Jonathan Brugh and Jemaine Clement.

The main problem... too short! So go and see it!


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