Thursday, 3 July 2014


After having written the previous two, David S. Goyer took it upon himself to write and direct the third.

I don't know if this was a big thing in the comics, but bringing in Dracula just seems like a cheap gimmick for this movie. There is a small moment where it seems the movie might be trying something more with humans turning against Blade, but then that goes out the window (just like the vampires) and the bulk of the movie is Blade with the Comedy Team fighting off against the Vampires with the Most Clichéd Vampire of Them All. And it's a fairly standard long drawn out fight scene and nothing interesting happens, and then the movie is over...

Like before, the characters are still one note, so don't expect acting range here. Wesley Snipes certainly doesn't show any, and Ryan Reynolds shows the talent that would make him "Most Likely to be in a Green Lantern Movie that would be Universally Panned". We also have Jessica Biel who took fighting class, and Parker Posey who didn't. And then Goyer looks like he took a page from Resident Evil and has vampire dogs, because Ryan Reynolds wasn't mocked enough in the movie...

Blade may have cut a new swathe in alloying superhero movies, but like in comments, being first isn't the same as being worthy.


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