Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Hey, Guillermo Del Toro did a movie based on a comic book with Ron Pearlman in it... just as well that never happened again!

Since last time it was Blade vs Vampires, how else to get things to the next level but to have Blade and the Vampires against something else? Which, as it happens, is tied into there being another vampire council, despite having offed a vampire grouping in the last movie. And speaking of the last movie, did they bring back the strong female character who lived? No, of course not, they bring back the old man who died... is it possible to have less plot this time around? There are lots of fight scenes, but the story line could be written on the back of a napkin... without even needing to unfold it first. Fight scenes and CGI is all you need, right?

Wesley Snipes is still pretty much in the mode as before: snide and fast moving... although a lot of his roles are like that. Leonor Varela gets to have the main female lead this time, and she doesn't get much to act with either. No-one really does in this script. Every character is one note, so the actors don't bother trying.

This movie doesn't feel like it's trying too hard to do anything interesting. Even the new enemy type is just a variant on a common theme, so... meh?


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