Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Escaped Rosecliffed Islanded

It's another hidden object game! Yay! And it seems it only took me about four hours to play Escape Rosecliff Island.

You are stuck on an island, trying to find objects to help you escape. Which you go by completing hidden object games, and then complete a mini-puzzle... and that's it. Each hidden object screen contains ten items and two locks, and there are generally four or five screens per level... and there are 25 levels! Which is where the problem is, in that that's all there really is, and all it is. This is from back in 2009, and I'm glad more has been done since. There is no story, there are only four mini-puzzles it cycles through, and one relies on luck more than skill, so that's annoying. And the whole thing is timed, but that didn't pause me at all.

The locks open two mini-games. One is a match 3, which is one of the mini-puzzles, the luck based one. And there are tons of match 3 games if I wanted to play those. And the other is an infinite search mode... which just sounds tedious.

One mechanic here which I didn't have in the previous game was that whenever we went back to the same screen (and there are only 10 "rooms", so we go back often), all the items are there. In the previous game, when you removed an item, they stayed gone, which gave a nice sense of progress in each screen, even if it did make the screens easier because there are less items. But I liked that! Here it's just messy and stays messy.

So... not much fun. Fortunately, I have many other games to play.


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