Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Holy Motors

I'm not sure if "surreal" even captures what the hell this movie is all about. ... In fact, I'm just not sure what the hell this movie is all about. Holy Motors is... random.

Monsieur Oscar is an actor, putting on any kind of act. All kinds of acts. We get to see nine of them, as we follow Oscar for the day. We start off easy, but this film doesn't stay easy. We get a few hints as to the nature of what the point of all this is, but don't expect to be given answers. And then there's that end scene which... I don't even...

Denis Lavant gives the main performance...s. And he certainly commits to the part. There are, of course, a lot of French actors, but also some cameos you might not expect in the form of Eva Mendes... and Kylie Minogue, who gets a song of her own to put in. Credit also needs to be given to the make up artists who given Denis full do overs.

I don't fully get what I saw... but I did enjoy it!


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