Monday, 7 July 2014

Hidden Object Kills

Had a free day, so got into playing a Hidden Object game by the name of Dracula: Love Kills.

Dracula got punked by Van Helsing, and reawoke to find himself severely weakened... and that the Queen of Vampires was now stomping around as if she ruled the world... as if! So Dracula needs to wander around the world, getting artefacts back so he can use an anti-vampire daggers. Along the way, he teams up with Van Helsing, and finds Mina's been kidnapped! And many objects have been hidden along the way...

There's a mechanic whereby you get vampire powers powered by blood, and since you need to use all those abilities, you need to be given enough blood. This can be tricky because there is an ethic mechanic whereby you can either drink the blood of lackies of the Queen or not... so the game has to give you blood anyway (usually behind a little puzzle). If you drink or not, there are consequences... one such is what achievement you get, the other being who you are with in the secondary story.

The secondary story (possibly only in the Collector's Edition, which I have?) is going for a few more puzzles to get the Queen's power. In one case, you are with Van Helsing again, in the other version you are with Mina... but I won't say which leads to which.

For all the achievements you need to go through on hard mode and easy mode, which I did in that order. Hard mode took me about 6 hours, and I got most of the achievements. But then had to do easy mode again, and even skipping as much as possible, still took me around 3 hours. Which led to a later night than I hoped...

Still, I still like Hidden Object games, so one down, many to go.


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