Sunday, 6 July 2014

Flanship is Magic

Season 4 with new opening titles!

Ep 1/2: Remember to drink the white fluid for goodness!
Ep 3: Pinky Pie is the most obvious pony.
Ep 4: Authors are jerks.
Ep 5: Jettison your friends when they become a pain.
Ep 6: There’s always a pail to step in.
Ep 7: Anything can be a vampire.
Ep 8: You can make your friends do anything, and they will forgive you.
Ep 9: Despite what they say, you can pick your family.
Ep 10: Rainbow Falls is very aptly named.
Ep 11: Everyone wants a teeny, tiny glass of water.
Ep 12: Weird Al makes everything better.
Ep 13: Classism is a vicious thing.
Ep 14: Never sing in your real voice.
Ep 15: Reflected glory is still glory.
Ep 16: Always leech off hosts.
Ep 17: Overreact to everything!
Ep 18: There should be more poems about rocks.
Ep 19: Fashion is the most important part of the play.
Ep 20: What’s the Harm?
Ep 21: It’s easier to learn while high.
Ep 22: Reading is important!
Ep 23: Puppets are creepy.
Ep 24: Flaming is the most peer pressure activity ever!
Ep 25/26: One needs a throne to call one’s own.

To be honest, this is decent storytelling!


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